Hurt No MoreA comprehensive, school-based anti-bullying educational prevention initiative delivered to children and youth ages 8-16 utilizing a multimedia platform to develop student, teacher and parent awareness of positive empathy techniques.

Hurt No More has been designed to develop a peer supported, pro-social environment which in turn naturally reduces any and all incidences of bullying, aggressive, disruptive or anti-social behavior. The program is rooted in enhanced empathy and awareness building methods, which are rooted in basic school psychology and neuropsychological research.



What is Empathy-Based Training?





Empathy - the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

The empathy challenge provides an oppourtunity for kids, youth, parents, teachers, school administrators and anyone else interested in seeing positive transformation in children of all ages. Although the HNM empathy program was established as a solution for the problem of bullying, you’ll notice that that word really has no place of prominence here. It’s not that HNM ignores the current and future problem of bullying, it’s just that we believe in a different answer.

While there is a time and place for defining a “bully” and various “acts of bullying”, I think that most experts would agree that this is only a small piece of a grander solution. After all, how effective can one be in fighting darkness by only talking about it or defining it? Truly the only way to fight darkness is igniting and nurturing the light.  

HNM uses interactive empathy based techniques. Each day, week and month the program participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery as well as social awareness. The self-discovery happens as kids are given the opportunity to explore their own emotions, talents and dreams. The social awareness happens in the constant interaction amongst the students; they quickly realize that their future success is not isolated from those around them but rather connected to it.  

The key philosophy of the HNM program is that all kids are inherently good, but demonstrate dysfunctional, anti-social behavior from time to time. Thus HNM provides an environment of positive mentorship and daily activities, which promote the intellectual identification of one student towards another.

The lessons + experiences that HNM
gives the kids will stay with them for
the rest of their lives.


- Peter Karl Youngren