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The Empathy Challenge is an eight-week comprehensive, anti-bullying educational prevention program geared towards kids and youth ages 8-16. The small but meaningful daily tasks emphasize empathy-empowerment exercises, which introduce the participant to a variety of experiences that positively impact them. The program has been designed to dovetail into any pre-existng curriculum/schedule with minimal interference.




Hurt No MoreHNM is an eight-week, empathy-based empowerment program for children and teens that provides academic and practical resources to address the ever evolving and escalating problem of bullying in all forms. The experiences and knowledge gained by participants is truly life-changing as they follow a set of daily activities and challenges in their HNM journal. The HNM organization guarantees that the culture of your school or club will be positively impacted as a result of proper implementation.


Research regarding bullying has recently focused on previously understudied connections between aggression and empathy. What lies beneath this complex interaction are several factors that have been shown to dramatically enhance a programs influence on students’ behavior. An example of such would be executing a structured curriculum that strengthens experiential learning and teaches new skills via practice-based activities (which lectures alone cannot achieve) over multiple sessions. This can include critical thinking discussions and role-playing exercises, videos, watching other kids’ testimonials, creative projects, etc.


HNM implements a prosocial-emotional learning program that teaches students skills necessary to successfully navigate their interpersonal relationships and regulate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These skills include but are not limited to: empathy training, communication skills, perspective taking, emotion management, problem solving and goal setting (Jones, 2012). These are all skills that benefit the kids beyond the classroom.


Examples of such skills are:


  • Empathy development, perspective taking
  • Identifying and understanding the feelings of self and others
  • Emotion identification, regulation & management 
  • Learning to appreciate similarities & differences of others
  • Self-management & controlling impulses
  • Problem-solving & goal setting
  • Focusing attention, active listening, and remembering information
  • Communication skills & showing respect, being assertive while compromising
  • Pro-social group cooperation, welcoming in and joining others



Hurt No More focuses on creating a peer-supported, pro-social environment, which naturally reduces any and all incidences of bullying, aggressive, disruptive or anti-social behavior. The program is rooted in enhanced-empathy building methods, which in turn are derived from neuropsychological research.

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