Are you looking to raise funds for your school, youth group or club? With a Hurt No More (HNM) partnership, you have the chance to combine a great fundraiser with an even greater positive anti-bullying message. In the past, you may have chosen to sell chocolate bars or calendars or other items to raise funds, but now with the HNM model you can impact the entire culture and attitude of the kids participating.

All HNM items are high-end pieces, which world-class manufacturers have produced at a greatly reduced cost because of our positive social awareness mandate. The HNM fundraising model allocates a substantial percentage of the profits received to go directly towards your fundraising goals.


More importantly, when people wear the Hurt No More brand; they are identifying with one of the most credible anti-bullying organizations in the world.  Bullying has become one of the worst issues facing young people today. It is estimated that that over 350,000 kids in North America stay home from school on any given day due to some act of bullying.

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